The Rise Of The Battle Royale Genre

What is a Battle Royale game mode?

A battle royale is a type of game mode that has player’s fight to the death until there is only one winner (or team) left. The game mode is typically played on one very large map to accomodate all players, and player’s do not usually begin with any weapons. The weapons are scattered across the map randomly and player’s must attempt to gather them as quickly as possible. In Fortnite, players are all packed on to the battle bus and are able to parachute out to different spots on the map. At some point, the map will begin to get smaller and smaller (in Fortnite, this is due to a “storm” that slowly begins to shrink toward a randomly chosen area of the map). Prior to the rise of the battle royale game mode, the most popular online PVP (player vs player) game modes were objective based (capture the flag, assault, etc) or kills based with respawn (think slayer in Halo or team deathmatch in call of duty). Unlike these prior popular game types, there is no respawn in a typical battle royale. Once your player (or team) has been eliminated, you will not be able to continue with that match. In fortnite, player’s are rewarded by playing with new skins, gliders (the parachutes), and emotes to expand their gameplay. A selection of different skins that can be acquired are on display via our large selection of fortnite accounts for sale.

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Was Fortnite the first Battle Royale?

It may have been the first game you played with a Battle Royale game mode, but it was not the first to offer this game type. H1Z1 was one of the first game’s to unveil a Battle Royale game type, and Player Unknown’s: Battleground  (PUBG) also came out with a Battle Royale game type around the same time as Fortnite that has also achieved much success (though not to the same extent as Fortnite).

Was Fortnite only intended to be a Battle Royale?

No, it was not. One of the primary features of Fortnite was intended to be it’s Save the World mode. Save the World is a PvE (Player versus Enemy) game mode set in a post-apocalyptic time where zombies have taken over and players are tasked with building structures and acquiring resources to protect themselves from the zombie invasion. Save the World is currently pay to play but is expected to become a free to play game mode some time in 2019. Save the World will likely never receive the same cult following as the Battle Royale game mode, but it is nice that players have the ability to play Fortnite in a different setting if they are looking to take a break from the Battle Royale genre.

A screenshot of the Save The World game mode from Fortnite.