Fortnite: Prop Hunt Game Mode

What is Prop Hunt?

June update: Prop Hunt Game Mode is now LIVE! Article below is for reference to the release!

Fans of Fortnite were introduced to a new, limited-time game mode at E3 coming soon to Fortnite. Prop hunt is a game mode that was initially unveiled in the game Garry’s Mod and later popularized by Call of Duty. The basic version of prop hunt pits two teams against each other. One team is capable of hiding in inanimate objects (lamp posts, boxes, you name it) while the other team is responsible for finding the players hidden in the inanimate objects and killing (or destroying) them.

Fortnite Prop Hunt Variation

Per the demo at E3, Fortnite’s version of prop hunt had a little variation to the traditional idea of prop hunt. In the Fortnite game mode, players are separated in to two teams. One team is tasked with collecting coins on the map and have the power to hide in inanimate objects to escape from the other team. The other team is armed and is responsible for killing the other team as quickly as possible to keep them from getting as little coins as possible. There are two rounds and each player will play one round on the offensive and defensive with their team. The team that collected the most coins during their gameplay wins.

A few inanimate objects you can take over and become in Prop Hunt.

When is Prop Hunt coming to Fortnite?

No official date has been released, but it should be soon. Data miners first found evidence of the prop hunt game mode at the start of season 9. Rumors have been swirling about the release date since then, but as Epic has officially released the teaser for the game mode at E3 we expect it cannot be too much longer until we get an official release. The game mode will be limited and likely here for a short time, so we recommend you take advantage of playing as often as you can once the official release is here!

Gameplay from E3 Prop Hunt