Fortnite Hacks

What is an aimbot?

Any game as popular as Fortnite has to deal with their fair share of cheating. A quick google search of fortnite hacks yields over 60 million results, while fortnite cheats yields over 70 million! Unfortunately, hacks for the game, most prominently seen on the PC version, do exist. The most common hack used and advertised is an aimbot. An aimbot is an external cheating software that locks a players reticle on to an opposing player. Some aimbots will even track players behind walls and outline their character.

A quick YouTube search for Fortnite hacks will show you many examples of players using aimbots and other bots to cheat in the game. Some of these bots also allow players to float and fly, giving them a pretty ridiculous advantage.

Why should I not use an aimbot?

The primary reason of not using an aimbot has nothing to do with ethics and nothing to do with destroying the integrity of the game. The primary reason to not use an aimbot is that it defeats the purpose of playing the game and really does ruin the experience for those players who are trying to play the game legitimately. Video games like Fortnite are great when you get better, improve your skills, and are able to get some awesome kills without the help of any software. Kills really are not satisfying when they are achieved with the help of external cheating software. Some other reasons to avoid using aimbots are that your account will undoubtedly get banned. Bans can include permanent epic account bans, hardware ID bans (permanently banning the device, whether it be a PC, Xbox, etc. from ever accessing Fortnite again), or IP bans. Epic has a strict no cheating policy and is not lenient when it comes to cheaters. They are also fairly quick at monitoring reports from other players and using in-game detection to catch cheaters. If you use a Fortnite hack, you can rest assured that your cheating venture likely will not last long before you are banned. Websites advertising Fortnite cheating software, whether it be free or not, have also been found to be full of viruses and malware. If that wasn’t enough, in some extreme cases Epic has even filed lawsuits against some Youtuber’s who were streaming themselves cheating.

What is Epic doing to combat cheaters?

Epic uses an anti-cheat software known as Battleye. Battleye runs in the background of the game and is responsible for attempting to catch cheaters and block their hacking software. As is the case with all cheating methods, Epic faces a constant game of cat and mouse. Every time a hack is found and the hack is patched, devious hackers will find another exploit to use in time. Once a new hacking method is exploited, Epic must again attempt to patch this exploit. Anti-cheating software has certainly gotten better, but dedicated hackers will always find new workarounds to cheat in the game. Our recommendation? Stay away from the cheating software and play the game legitimately. You will get a better experience from the game and you won’t have to worry about inadvertently downloading a virus, getting your account banned, or even sued.

Logo for Fortnite’s anti-cheat software, Battleye.