Fortnite Account Generator

A quick google search for Fortnite Account Generator brings up millions of results. Let us stress that there is no such thing as an account generator, and that you are wasting your time and potentially installing malware or viruses on your computer if you continue to search for one. That being said, none of these generators (for the most part) require you to enter any sensitive account information (email or password). You may be wondering why scammers would take the time to setup a fake website for a generator if they are not getting anything in return.

The Account Generator scam explained

The scam typically works like this. You visit a website claiming that it has the potential to generate you an account with rare skins or preloaded with v-bucks. You click a button to initiate the “account generation”. The generation appears to be moving a long great, but then a prompt comes up stating that to prevent abuse by bots utilizing the generator, you need to complete some surveys or click some ads to verify that you are human. This is how the scammers running the website make their money. You will never get past this field, but by completing surveys or clicking ads on their website, the scammer running the website will get paid a percentage for the ads clicked or surveys completed by the advertiser. This is the most common generator scam that we have experienced and it is prevalent for almost all online games. A simple search for “INSERT YOUR GAME NAME HERE” + account generator will likely yield you plenty of examples of scam sites intended to prey on naive and hopeful gamers.

One of the many scam websites we found claiming to generate Fortnite accounts.

Can I get a virus from visiting a Fortnite Account Generator website?

As noted above, the most common scam on these websites is typically just a nuisance and waste of your time. It is possible that if you go digging on some more malicious websites and initiate any downloads you may be installing malware, a computer virus, or a keylogger (keyloggers log your keystrokes; recording passwords and other sensitive data and later send this data to the hacker). If you have visited any of these websites and initiated any downloads, we recommend downloading an antivirus and anti-malware software and running full system scans to ensure that you did not infect your computer.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

The mantra holds true for the account generator myths. An account generator of any sort would indicate a massive data breach on the account of Epic Games, and we can ensure you that if this were ever to occur it would not be accessible to be utilized on any web page that you could find. While they aren’t generated, we do have an incredible account selection with plenty of skins for you to purchase!