Fortnite Account eBay Scam

If you do a little research on the different fortnite marketplaces available prior to purchasing an account or skins, you will find that the options are plentiful, but the legitimate options are very hard to come by. In addition to established marketplaces like our own (which by no means verifies authenticity), there are marketplaces like craigslist and eBay that have seen a rise in accounts listing. Unfortunately these are a haven for scammers. Ebay in particular is notorious for helping scammers quickly and easily create new accounts and scam buyers with little recourse. The most common fortnite account scams on auction houses like eBay are listed below:

No Delivery Or Delivery Of Invalid Information

This sounds silly, but there are many scammers who prey on users with fake, too good to be true listings. After receiving your payment, they will deliver bad information for your account or not deliver any information at all and ignore you following your payment. Most auction houses like eBay process online payments via PayPal. PayPal tends to side with buyers unless the seller has overwhelming evidence that you did in fact receive your purchase, but this dispute process can still takes months until you potentially receive your money back and can create a big hassle.

Delivering An Account Only To Recover It Weeks Or Months Later

The reason we only sell full access Fortnite Accounts that include the associated email with the account is simple: it gives you full control over the account and ensures that the account is not taken back from you in the future. Purchasing an account without full access to the current email address is like purchasing a used car and giving a key to your garage and the car to the person that sold it to you. If they are trustworthy (and you hope that’s the case) there shouldn’t be any problems, but there is nothing stopping them from easily recovering the account (or stealing your car) if they have access to the current email.

The Raffle Scam

Renegade raider account for $10? Black Knight account for $10? Recon expert account for $10? Ghoul trooper account for $10? Yes, you can find accounts with those skins listed for sale on ebay for unbelievably cheap prices (and this should already be your red flag). What’s the catch?

Screenshot of an eBay listing for a cheap ghoul trooper with the raffle scam.

The above description for this ghoul trooper account we found on ebay says the following: “Fortnite og Ghoul trooper Raiders Revenge and Mako Glider. THIS IS A RAFFLE The more entries you buy the more chance you have of winning, the winner will be chosen and messaged on August 1st. If you do not win you will not receive a refund. All sales are final.”

The buy it now price for this “raffle ticket” is $5. There are so many problems with this, and the fact that eBay has not cracked down on it further is ridiculous, but the biggest issue is that many people do not read the descriptions of products carefully (which they should, but this is still misleading) and will be duped in to buying a “raffle ticket” instead of receiving any account information. We would wager that nearly 100% of these raffles do not actually send out account information to anyone, as they do not have to provide proof to eBay that they are sending an account out or provide proof of the actual winner. In almost all cases, the seller probably does not even have access to the account in the listing and has taken these account pictures off of the internet. Unfortunately this scam appears to be fairly effective, which would explain why it has persisted for months. Many of the listings for the raffle tickets show that the listings have been purchased multiple times.

This is why Fortnite Kings was founded….

Skim through this article and you’ll see that the Fortnite accounts marketplace can be difficult to navigate. There are thousands of scammers out there. It shouldn’t be this way. When you purchase a Fortnite Account, you should have peace of mind knowing that your account is safe, secure, and bought from a legitimate source. has set out to do just that. All of our accounts are purchased from the original owner and we include access to the Epic Games account and full access to the email associated with the account. This means that you can be in total control of your account. In the unlikely event that there were ever any issues with your account, we are here to help, 24/7, and provide a lifetime replacement warranty for all of our accounts. Still not convinced? Take a look at our reviews page from verified customers!