Fortnite Account eBay Scam

If you do a little research on the different fortnite marketplaces available prior to purchasing an account or skins, you will find that the options are plentiful, but the legitimate options are very hard to come by. In addition to established marketplaces like our own (which by no means verifies authenticity), there are marketplaces like craigslist and eBay that have seen a rise in accounts listing. Unfortunately these are a haven for scammers. Ebay in particular is notorious for helping scammers quickly and easily create new accounts and scam buyers with little recourse. The most common fortnite account scams on auction houses like eBay are listed below:

No Delivery Or Delivery Of Invalid Information

This sounds silly, but there are many scammers who prey on users with fake, too good to be true listings. After receiving your payment, they will deliver bad information for your account or not deliver any information at all and ignore you following your payment. Most auction houses like eBay process online payments via PayPal. PayPal tends to side with buyers unless the seller has overwhelming evidence that you did in fact receive your purchase, but this dispute process can still takes months until you potentially receive your money back and can create a big hassle.

Delivering An Account Only To Recover It Weeks Or Months Later

The reason we only sell full access Fortnite Accounts that include the associated email with the account is simple: it gives you full control over the account and ensures that the account is not taken back from you in the future. Purchasing an account without full access to the current email address is like purchasing a used car and giving a key to your garage and the car to the person that sold it to you. If they are trustworthy (and you hope that’s the case) there shouldn’t be any problems, but there is nothing stopping them from easily recovering the account (or stealing your car) if they have access to the current email.

The Raffle Scam

Renegade raider account for $10? Black Knight account for $10? Recon expert account for $10? Ghoul trooper account for $10? Yes, you can find accounts with those skins listed for sale on ebay for unbelievably cheap prices (and this should already be your red flag). What’s the catch?

Screenshot of an eBay listing for a cheap ghoul trooper with the raffle scam.

The above description for this ghoul trooper account we found on ebay says the following: “Fortnite og Ghoul trooper Raiders Revenge and Mako Glider. THIS IS A RAFFLE The more entries you buy the more chance you have of winning, the winner will be chosen and messaged on August 1st. If you do not win you will not receive a refund. All sales are final.”

The buy it now price for this “raffle ticket” is $5. There are so many problems with this, and the fact that eBay has not cracked down on it further is ridiculous, but the biggest issue is that many people do not read the descriptions of products carefully (which they should, but this is still misleading) and will be duped in to buying a “raffle ticket” instead of receiving any account information. We would wager that nearly 100% of these raffles do not actually send out account information to anyone, as they do not have to provide proof to eBay that they are sending an account out or provide proof of the actual winner. In almost all cases, the seller probably does not even have access to the account in the listing and has taken these account pictures off of the internet. Unfortunately this scam appears to be fairly effective, which would explain why it has persisted for months. Many of the listings for the raffle tickets show that the listings have been purchased multiple times.

This is why Fortnite Kings was founded….

Skim through this article and you’ll see that the Fortnite accounts marketplace can be difficult to navigate. There are thousands of scammers out there. It shouldn’t be this way. When you purchase a Fortnite Account, you should have peace of mind knowing that your account is safe, secure, and bought from a legitimate source. has set out to do just that. All of our accounts are purchased from the original owner and we include access to the Epic Games account and full access to the email associated with the account. This means that you can be in total control of your account. In the unlikely event that there were ever any issues with your account, we are here to help, 24/7, and provide a lifetime replacement warranty for all of our accounts. Still not convinced? Take a look at our reviews page from verified customers!

Fortnite Account Generator

A quick google search for Fortnite Account Generator brings up millions of results. Let us stress that there is no such thing as an account generator, and that you are wasting your time and potentially installing malware or viruses on your computer if you continue to search for one. That being said, none of these generators (for the most part) require you to enter any sensitive account information (email or password). You may be wondering why scammers would take the time to setup a fake website for a generator if they are not getting anything in return.

The Account Generator scam explained

The scam typically works like this. You visit a website claiming that it has the potential to generate you an account with rare skins or preloaded with v-bucks. You click a button to initiate the “account generation”. The generation appears to be moving a long great, but then a prompt comes up stating that to prevent abuse by bots utilizing the generator, you need to complete some surveys or click some ads to verify that you are human. This is how the scammers running the website make their money. You will never get past this field, but by completing surveys or clicking ads on their website, the scammer running the website will get paid a percentage for the ads clicked or surveys completed by the advertiser. This is the most common generator scam that we have experienced and it is prevalent for almost all online games. A simple search for “INSERT YOUR GAME NAME HERE” + account generator will likely yield you plenty of examples of scam sites intended to prey on naive and hopeful gamers.

One of the many scam websites we found claiming to generate Fortnite accounts.

Can I get a virus from visiting a Fortnite Account Generator website?

As noted above, the most common scam on these websites is typically just a nuisance and waste of your time. It is possible that if you go digging on some more malicious websites and initiate any downloads you may be installing malware, a computer virus, or a keylogger (keyloggers log your keystrokes; recording passwords and other sensitive data and later send this data to the hacker). If you have visited any of these websites and initiated any downloads, we recommend downloading an antivirus and anti-malware software and running full system scans to ensure that you did not infect your computer.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

The mantra holds true for the account generator myths. An account generator of any sort would indicate a massive data breach on the account of Epic Games, and we can ensure you that if this were ever to occur it would not be accessible to be utilized on any web page that you could find. While they aren’t generated, we do have an incredible account selection with plenty of skins for you to purchase!

Fortnite: Prop Hunt Game Mode

What is Prop Hunt?

June update: Prop Hunt Game Mode is now LIVE! Article below is for reference to the release!

Fans of Fortnite were introduced to a new, limited-time game mode at E3 coming soon to Fortnite. Prop hunt is a game mode that was initially unveiled in the game Garry’s Mod and later popularized by Call of Duty. The basic version of prop hunt pits two teams against each other. One team is capable of hiding in inanimate objects (lamp posts, boxes, you name it) while the other team is responsible for finding the players hidden in the inanimate objects and killing (or destroying) them.

Fortnite Prop Hunt Variation

Per the demo at E3, Fortnite’s version of prop hunt had a little variation to the traditional idea of prop hunt. In the Fortnite game mode, players are separated in to two teams. One team is tasked with collecting coins on the map and have the power to hide in inanimate objects to escape from the other team. The other team is armed and is responsible for killing the other team as quickly as possible to keep them from getting as little coins as possible. There are two rounds and each player will play one round on the offensive and defensive with their team. The team that collected the most coins during their gameplay wins.

A few inanimate objects you can take over and become in Prop Hunt.

When is Prop Hunt coming to Fortnite?

No official date has been released, but it should be soon. Data miners first found evidence of the prop hunt game mode at the start of season 9. Rumors have been swirling about the release date since then, but as Epic has officially released the teaser for the game mode at E3 we expect it cannot be too much longer until we get an official release. The game mode will be limited and likely here for a short time, so we recommend you take advantage of playing as often as you can once the official release is here!

Gameplay from E3 Prop Hunt

Fortnite World Cup

What is the Fortnite World Cup?

The Fortnite World Cup is an event that began in April and culminates with the World Cup Finals in New York City on July 26-28. Qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup will be eligible for a seat at the finals where they will compete to be the Fortnite Kings (not to be confused with us, of course).

How do you qualify for the Fortnite World Cup?

Matches are played online. There are solo and duo qualifications.

What’s up for grabs?

A big chunk of change. The open qualifiers prize pool is approximately 10 million dollars (no, that is not a typo). 1 million dollars is being given away each week in the open qualifiers. For those lucky enough to make it to the world cup finals being hosted in New York, a prize pool of 30 million dollars is up for grabs! There are going to be 50 duo teams and 100 solo players competing for the prize pool. Every player who makes it to the finals is guaranteed a minimum of 50,000 dollars and the winners taking home the championship will be earning a cool 3 million dollars. Epic has clearly pulled out all the stops for this tournament!

Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City, the site of the Fortnite World Cup Finals on July 26-28, 2019.

How can I watch the Fortnite World Cup?

Unfortunately world cup ticket sales for the finals are sold out. If you live in NYC or wanted to make your way out there to watch you will need to find a reseller for tickets. For the preliminaries many of the competitors are streaming their journey on Twitch, so if you’d like to follow a long with the process you can stream them directly. It is no doubt that the finals culminating in NYC is going to be a massive event, and we can’t wait to see the turnout and see who comes out on top! Best of luck to everyone.

Fortnite Item Shop

What is the Fortnite Item Shop?

The item shop on Fortnite is where all cosmetic items for the Battle Royale game can be purchased. These include the back bling, gliders, skins, and emotes. As you may be aware, Fortnite is free to play but all cosmetic additions to the game cost V-Bucks. Without V-Bucks, you are limited to a handful of cosmetic items that can be earned from playing through each battle pass season. Other than earning V-Bucks through the battle pass, you must purchase them with real money via your credit card or PayPal. You can then redeem these V-Bucks in the item shop.

What items can be purchased in the Item Shop?

The Fortnite item shop fluctuates weekly. To see what items are currently present in the item shop, visit to see an updated list of what is currently available. There will be a selection of skins, gliders, and emotes available to purchase but only a small handful of items at any given time. There is also no guarantee on when a specific item will be listed back in the item shop, which can add to their rarity. If you see an item you have been looking for get added to the item shop, we recommend that you purchase it ASAP and do not wait! It may be months before you see it again.

The Fortnite Item Shop shown above, note the colors of the items showing their rarity.

What determines the price of a cosmetic item?

Not all skins in the item shop are priced equally. The price in V-bucks of a skin is determined by the items rarity. The rarity is also linked to the frequency that a cosmetic item will become available again. Common skins are green, rare skins are blue, epic skins are purple, and legendary skins are orange. The rarer the skin you are looking to purchase, the more V-bucks you will have to pay. The rarer skins typically have more flamboyant and “cooler” looking skins, so they are usually worth the increased price you have to wait if you are looking for an awesome skin.

Is the item shop the only way to get new skins?

The item shop is the “easiest” and most readily available way to instantly get new Fortnite skins. However, you can also earn new skins and cosmetic items by purchasing the Fortnite battle pass. The battle pass allows you to earn new skins and cosmetic items for each Fortnite season by playing the Battle Royale game and earning experience for good performance. That being said, battle pass skins are typically fairly common (as many users have the battle pass) and you are stuck with the skins that Fortnite has available for you within the season’s Battle Pass. If you are looking for rarer and more unique skins, your best bet may be to make your way to the item shop. Looking for a rare skin that hasn’t made its way back to the item shop? Check out our selection of Fortnite accounts for sale here, we may just have what you are looking for!

Fortnite Account Merging

What is Account Merging on Fortnite?

*****As of May 6th, 2019 Fortnite has disabled the merge tool. Accounts are NO longer able to be merged. The information in this article is for reference to the merge tool only.****

The new account merging feature on Fortnite allows you to merge all cosmetic items (emotes, gliders, skins, etc.) and V-bucks that are currently on separate accounts. If you play Save The World, you can merge 

Llamas, Defenders, Heroes, Schematics, Survivors, XP, Evolution and Perk Materials on both of your accounts. In order to qualify for the account merging feature, one of the accounts that you are merging must have played on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch and the other account on PS4 before September 28th, 2018.

Why did Epic release the Account Merging feature?

As you can see, the account merging feature has strict criteria, and not just any two Fortnite accounts are able to be merged. One account must have played on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch and the other on PS4, both prior to September 28th, 2018. As Fortnite is playable on different consoles, the issue is due to Sony’s account restrictions when Fortnite cross platform play initially became available. Sony initially did not allow cross-platform play with other consoles, so many users who had a PS4 and another console (Xbox One or Nintendo Switch) had to create a separate Epic/Fortnite account for both their PS4 and their Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. Many of those users ended up buying V-bucks and earning skins on both of their console specific accounts. Once Sony finally began allowing PS4 cross-play with other consoles, these users had no way of consolidating their V-bucks/skins earned from both of their accounts. Epic released the account merging feature to help these users.

How does Account Merging work?

If you have two accounts that meet the merging criteria, visit the following link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Get Started”. You will be prompted to login with both of your accounts that you are attempting to merge. One of these accounts will be listed as the “Primary Account” and one will be listed as the “Secondary Account”. The account login information that you want to continue using and logging in with should be entered as your Primary Account. The account that you would like to transfer all of the V-bucks and cosmetic items from should be listed as your secondary account.  It almost goes without saying, but you must have access to both of the email addresses associated with each Fortnite account in order to complete the merger process. Once you have entered and verified your primary and secondary account, the next thing you need to do is wait two weeks for the items on your secondary account to be transferred to your primary account. After two weeks, all of the V-bucks and cosmetic items will be available on your primary account that were on your secondary account!

Screenshot from the Account Merging menu on Epic’s website.

What items will not be transferred when completing the Account Merge?

Per Epic Games, the following will not be transferred when merging accounts:

“Other Items such as Support-A-Creator status, Unreal Marketplace items, Creative Islands, and Save The World account level and progress will not be merged over from your secondary account”

Fortnite Marshmello Concert

Fortnite’s Marshmello live concert, held on February 2nd, 2019, was a smashing success. The concert boasted to be the world’s largest live concert on record, with over 10 million simultaneous players gathering to watch the event live. The event took place in Pleasant Park, one of the Fortnite’s popular named locations. Days prior to the concert, a stage slowly began to be built in the area typically occupied by the football field. Posters could also be found across the map with pictures of Marshmello and concert advertisements. This was around the same time that the Marshmello skin, pickaxe, glider, and emote were added to the item shop.

At 1 PM ET on Saturday, traditional game modes and weapons/pickaxes were disabled. Players gathered in Pleasant Park to witness Marshmello perform live. The concert lasted approximately 30 minutes. The concert was a great example of Fortnite’s adaptability and entrepreneurship within its genre. While many people classify Fortnite as a third person shooter, it has become much more than that. Live events, and an ever-evolving map and mini plots have all contributed to its soaring popularity. Undoubtedly, the success of Marshmello’s live concert will certainly contribute to future pushes for more live events in the future. Marshmello’s live fortnite set has been added to Apple Music for those who missed out or would like to re-experience the set.

Players gathered near the concert stage in Pleasant Park.

Fortnite continues to push the boundaries of the Battle Royale genre and their hard work has contributed to the success of the game. While the genre continues to welcome new gamers, we hope that you will consider checking out our selection of premium Fortnite Accounts and Fortnite Skin Services that we have available to enhance your gaming experience!

The Rise Of The Battle Royale Genre

What is a Battle Royale game mode?

A battle royale is a type of game mode that has player’s fight to the death until there is only one winner (or team) left. The game mode is typically played on one very large map to accomodate all players, and player’s do not usually begin with any weapons. The weapons are scattered across the map randomly and player’s must attempt to gather them as quickly as possible. In Fortnite, players are all packed on to the battle bus and are able to parachute out to different spots on the map. At some point, the map will begin to get smaller and smaller (in Fortnite, this is due to a “storm” that slowly begins to shrink toward a randomly chosen area of the map). Prior to the rise of the battle royale game mode, the most popular online PVP (player vs player) game modes were objective based (capture the flag, assault, etc) or kills based with respawn (think slayer in Halo or team deathmatch in call of duty). Unlike these prior popular game types, there is no respawn in a typical battle royale. Once your player (or team) has been eliminated, you will not be able to continue with that match. In fortnite, player’s are rewarded by playing with new skins, gliders (the parachutes), and emotes to expand their gameplay. A selection of different skins that can be acquired are on display via our large selection of fortnite accounts for sale.

Some information about the Battle Royale, courtesy

Was Fortnite the first Battle Royale?

It may have been the first game you played with a Battle Royale game mode, but it was not the first to offer this game type. H1Z1 was one of the first game’s to unveil a Battle Royale game type, and Player Unknown’s: Battleground  (PUBG) also came out with a Battle Royale game type around the same time as Fortnite that has also achieved much success (though not to the same extent as Fortnite).

Was Fortnite only intended to be a Battle Royale?

No, it was not. One of the primary features of Fortnite was intended to be it’s Save the World mode. Save the World is a PvE (Player versus Enemy) game mode set in a post-apocalyptic time where zombies have taken over and players are tasked with building structures and acquiring resources to protect themselves from the zombie invasion. Save the World is currently pay to play but is expected to become a free to play game mode some time in 2019. Save the World will likely never receive the same cult following as the Battle Royale game mode, but it is nice that players have the ability to play Fortnite in a different setting if they are looking to take a break from the Battle Royale genre.

A screenshot of the Save The World game mode from Fortnite.

Fortnite Hacks

What is an aimbot?

Any game as popular as Fortnite has to deal with their fair share of cheating. A quick google search of fortnite hacks yields over 60 million results, while fortnite cheats yields over 70 million! Unfortunately, hacks for the game, most prominently seen on the PC version, do exist. The most common hack used and advertised is an aimbot. An aimbot is an external cheating software that locks a players reticle on to an opposing player. Some aimbots will even track players behind walls and outline their character.

A quick YouTube search for Fortnite hacks will show you many examples of players using aimbots and other bots to cheat in the game. Some of these bots also allow players to float and fly, giving them a pretty ridiculous advantage.

Why should I not use an aimbot?

The primary reason of not using an aimbot has nothing to do with ethics and nothing to do with destroying the integrity of the game. The primary reason to not use an aimbot is that it defeats the purpose of playing the game and really does ruin the experience for those players who are trying to play the game legitimately. Video games like Fortnite are great when you get better, improve your skills, and are able to get some awesome kills without the help of any software. Kills really are not satisfying when they are achieved with the help of external cheating software. Some other reasons to avoid using aimbots are that your account will undoubtedly get banned. Bans can include permanent epic account bans, hardware ID bans (permanently banning the device, whether it be a PC, Xbox, etc. from ever accessing Fortnite again), or IP bans. Epic has a strict no cheating policy and is not lenient when it comes to cheaters. They are also fairly quick at monitoring reports from other players and using in-game detection to catch cheaters. If you use a Fortnite hack, you can rest assured that your cheating venture likely will not last long before you are banned. Websites advertising Fortnite cheating software, whether it be free or not, have also been found to be full of viruses and malware. If that wasn’t enough, in some extreme cases Epic has even filed lawsuits against some Youtuber’s who were streaming themselves cheating.

What is Epic doing to combat cheaters?

Epic uses an anti-cheat software known as Battleye. Battleye runs in the background of the game and is responsible for attempting to catch cheaters and block their hacking software. As is the case with all cheating methods, Epic faces a constant game of cat and mouse. Every time a hack is found and the hack is patched, devious hackers will find another exploit to use in time. Once a new hacking method is exploited, Epic must again attempt to patch this exploit. Anti-cheating software has certainly gotten better, but dedicated hackers will always find new workarounds to cheat in the game. Our recommendation? Stay away from the cheating software and play the game legitimately. You will get a better experience from the game and you won’t have to worry about inadvertently downloading a virus, getting your account banned, or even sued.

Logo for Fortnite’s anti-cheat software, Battleye.

Buying Fortnite Accounts: What to Know

Are you looking to buy a Fortnite account?

You are in the right place! But, there are a few things you should know to make sure that you have a smooth buying experience. All of the details outlined below will make sure you receive your Fortnite account in great condition with no complications!

Who do I buy my Fortnite account from?

Fortnite Kings is the #1 seller of Fortnite accounts worldwide. We may be a bit biased, but we don’t think you will find a comparable service elsewhere. Our prices are among the best in the industry and all of our accounts are legitimate. Making sure you are buying a legit fortnite account is probably the most important thing you can do. Many accounts being sold on different websites for extremely cheap prices are scammed accounts that have been stolen from the original owner. Even worse than just being unethical, these accounts will end up being banned once they are flagged as being stolen. And no, that sketchy vendor that you purchased from will not offer to return your money once your account has been banned.

Why is Fortnite Kings the best place to buy accounts and services from?

All of our accounts are legitimate and you can rest assured that your purchase is safe after ordering from us. Our accounts are either being listed directly by our staff members or have been purchased from other players who are looking to quit the game. We only sell accounts that include both full fortnite account login details and complete details for the associated email account. If you do not receive the email associated with the fortnite account when purchasing, you will undoubtedly be scammed. Whoever has access to the email address associated with the fortnite account can recover and change the password at any time. When purchasing fortnite services, many services may require your account details. Your account details are necessary any time we must access your account to complete the service, such as adding account wins or unlocking certain skins. It cannot be emphasized enough that you must ensure you are dealing with a reputable vendor when giving away your account details. When purchasing from Fortnite Kings, all of your details are encrypted when being sent to us (via SSL), and your account is prompty accessed only to complete the purchased service. Once your service has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email, and you are free to change your account details.

What do I do after purchasing a Fortnite account?

If you purchase elsewhere, the answer may be to wait (in some cases a very long time) until you receive your account details. If you’re purchasing from Fortnite Kings, your account details will be instantly delivered to you via email following purchase through our automated system. After you have received your account details, the first step is to secure your account. You have two options to secure the email associated with your fortnite account. You can either change the email address associated with your new fortnite account to an email address of your own, or you can change the password and account details of the email address that we send you. After you have either changed the email address associated with your fortnite account or secured the existing email address, you are free to change the password associated with the fortnite account. For additional security, we recommend turning on two factor authentication on both your email account and your fortnite account.

fortnite two after authentication

Enabling two factor authentication also gets you the Boogie Down emote!

Well, what are you waiting for?

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